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Canada Book Day
April 27. Check the site for events all over Canada.
Festival of Words
"The Festival of Words, located in Moose Jaw, SK, is planning its 5th annual festival to be held July 19 - 22, 2001. The Festival of Words presents an enjoyable and stimulating celebration of the imaginative ways we use language. See the list of past presenters at"
Ottawa International Writers Festival
happens in sept., see site for events.
Scream in High Park
"a carnival of the spoken word...For one night in July, Toronto's High Park is the site of a celebration of poetry and storytelling. Scream In High Park invites the diverse voices of Canadian writing to gather for a casual outdoor reading, attended by an audience exceeding 1200 people.
the Small Press in Ottawa eXpo. annual event which showcases small press and self-published comicbooks, zines and chapbooks
Winnipeg International Writers Festival
founded in 1996, the annual event has attendance topping 9,000 people.

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