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Alter Ego Editions

House of Anansi Press
publishing for more than 30 years. on their site you can find annotated listings of books from their catalogue, as well as order online.

Anvil Press
literary publisher based in vancouver, founded in 1988, publishes 8-10 new titles each year. as well, they host the 3-day novel writing contest. go here to find out more, to register for this years contest, or order previous winning texts.

Arsenal Pulp Press
based in vancouver, b.c., beginning in 1971, and over 130 titles in print. check their new releases, author profiles, titles in print, submission guidelines, author touring schedules, and ordering info.


Beach Holme Publishing
publishing since 1971 (previously Press Porcepic), they focus on poetry, fiction, and young adult works. read author bios, view submission guidelines, or read their Swifsure Magazine.

Ben Simon Publications
"Someone has called us Canada's smallest multinational, a two-person publishing company doing business in Canada and the U.S.A. We publish only what we think is good and stimulating. Of course we hope to interest you in our books, but on this page we talk mainly about other books and other authors. Why? Because if we catch and keep your attention, you won't forget us." list of titles, as well as their online articles.

La Bibliothèque québécoise

Black Moss Press
"Black Moss Press was founded in 1969 and remains a Canadian-owned publishing company dedicated to publishing the work of Canadian authors and illustrators. Black Moss is based in Windsor, Ontario with an office in Toronto."

Black Rose Books

Blizzard Publishing
"The on-line theatre resource of Canada's drama publisher." news and events, "expanded play" info, and "a complete set of indices to all our plays, whether published individually or in an anthology. Organized by title, playwright, cast size."

Borealis Press
home of The Journal of Canadian Poetry, Borealis Books ("founded in 1972 to encourage and publish new Canadian writers who demonstrate talent and potential for significant growth "), and Tecumseh Press ("established in 1972 to publish standard Canadian authors and critical texts on their works."). site includes catalogue info on all their works.

Breakwater Books
"Breakwater Books Ltd. was founded in 1973. Its express purpose was to publish books and materials that preserved the unique culture of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Maritime provinces. Its mission was to establish in St. John's a publishing house that adhered to the highest standards of excellence and to use the educational institutions in the region as the means whereby the rich cultural heritage of Atlantic Canada is inculcated in curriculum resources." site contains annotated catalogue listings, as well as online ordering.

Brick Books
"The mandate of Brick Books is to foster interesting, ambitious, and compelling work by Canadian poets, both new and established... We publish 6 new books and 1-3 reprints every year.."

Broken Jaw Press (no site yet)
"We publish small-run chapbooks, some audio recordings, New Muse of Contempt magazine, and eight to twelve tradebooks per year."


Canadian Poetry Press

CanBooks is a small Canadian Publishing House, located in rural Saskatchewan.

Carleton University Press

Coach House Books

Cormorant Books
"begun in 1986, mainly as a poetry press, beginning with one title in that year and continuing with six or so titles a year. Jan Geddes took over as publisher in 1989, and shifted the focus to literary fiction...with the occasional creative non-fiction title. Cormorant was incorporated nationally in 1991, and continued to produce from eight to nine titles a year. As of January 1st, 1996, Cormorant has been affiliated with Jack Stoddart of Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited"

Coteau Books
"Based in Regina, Canada, Coteau Books is a literary book publisher which presents quality Canadian writing to the world market. Our publishing program includes fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction, as well as a rapidly-growing list of quality children’s and teen fiction."

Creative Book Publishing Ltd. (no site yet)
"Creative Publishers specializes in local history and biography books. Killick Press specializes in novels, short stories, and poetry books."

Cyclops Press
experimental press publishing fiction, poetry, and spoken word art. listen, watch, and read online samples, as well as order their materials online.

Cumulus Press
"Cumulus Press is an emerging publisher with a modest number of titles in print. Our mandate includes the publishing and promotion of fiction and poetry, from new, and established, writers. We will continue our popular "Up Close" pedestrian guide series, focussing on architectural detail, historical anecdotes, public art and hidden facets of metropolitan areas."


disOrientation chapbooks
"Our non-profit press began operations in 1992 when Nicole Markotic and Ashok Mathur thought there was a need in the Canadian poetics scene to publish often unheard voices in formats compatible with their content. While we have no catalogue, we do maintain a mailing list so interested parties can keep up with our titles. We can send you this year's books if you send us your address. All titles are $5 each (to cover printing and mailing costs).
We can be reached at 312 - 12th Street, NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 1Y5. "

Douglas & McIntyre

Duval House Publishing, Inc.


ECW Press
"Think cutting-edge books about the people, places, phenomena, and issues that shape our lives. From politics to pop culture, from poetry to perversity, we're actively engaging with the world out there in our efforts to find new writing that matters . . . to provide you with books that challenge, provoke, and make a difference." site contains info on new releases, and online catalogue and ordering info.- also contains a section on their Essays on Canadian Writing.

Les Éditions Beauchemin

Les Editions du Blé

Les Éditions de la Huit

Éditions Leméac

Les Éditions du Septentrion

Les Éditions Québec/Amérique

Les Éditions Ulysse

Ekstasis Editions
"A literary press interested in fiction, poetry, criticism, environmental, 'New Age' and Québécois translation books."

Exile Editions (no site yet)


fingerprinting inkoperated
damian lopes notes:


Inspired by bpNichol’s Ganglia Press and jwcurry’s Curvd H&z, damian lopes started his own micro press, fingerprinting inkoperated, in the summer of 1990. The name was itself inspired by the first adopted printing method, rubberstamps, and the uniqueness of the mark. The aim, as stated on the outside of a mailout envelope (#7 below), was to publish ‘intruging & innovative “writing” in any form, format or medium.’

By the time lopes stamped his last index finger on the last publication in 1999, he had published fiction, poetry, concrete poetry, visual poetry, sound poetry texts, found poetry, and photographs, using rubberstamps, bodystamps, typewriters, pens, pencils, letraset, photocopiers, inkjet, laser and lino printers, and computers, on paper, cardstock, envelopes, 35mm slides, mylar, and the world wide web, by authors such as Nelson Ball, Christian Bök, jwcurry, MAC Farrant, Gerry Gilbert, bpNichol, David UU, Darren Wershler-Henry, and Alana Wilcox.

F & D Teaching Aids
Newfoundland publisher of teacher resources - novel study guides, science and social studies units from Grade 4 through Senior High. They also publish theme and author studies for Primary grades



Gaspereau Press
"Gaspereau Press is a Nova Scotia owned and operated trade publisher based in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Publishing short-run editions of both literary and regional interest, Gaspereau Press produces quality first-edition paperbacks and limited-edition hardcover books aimed at the Canadian market."

Gerald and Maas * editions / atelier
small press poetry and artwork.

Godwin Books
publisher dedicated to printing the works of the late George Godwin, and the contemporary Robert S. Thomson

Goose Lane Editions
"A literary press with a particular interest in contemporary fiction and poetry as well as some non-fiction, including art, biography, history, fishing and travel guides, and idiosyncratic cookbooks."

Guernica Editions

Gutter Press
"the most exciting source of alternative writing, dangerous fiction and pop culture on the Web." publication info, writer biographies. worth a visit for web design alone.


Harbour Publishing Co. Ltd.

HarperCollins Canada

HMS Press


Insomniac Press
founded in 1992 by Mike O'Connor. "Insomniac looks for writers who are willing to experiment in new media and work with other artists to ollaborate and interpret their work. Their work first has to be able to stand on its own, and the writers have to have found their own voices and have developed a confidence in their own work. They have to be good storytellers with new ideas to write about and new ways to express them." site contains author bios, published titles, author events, distribution info, and more.

Irwin Publishing
"A wholly owned Canadian Educational Publishing house, Irwin covers all markets from primary to post secondary." extensive catalogue info online, including their multi-media products.


Key Porter Books


McClelland & Stewart
"The Canadian Publishers" since 1906. this searchable site contains a directory of featured authors, new releases, and links to their Screech Owls and Canadian Encyclopedia CD-ROM sites.

McGill-Queen's University Press

McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Marginal Distribution

Mercury Press
"specializes in cutting edge fiction and poetry, as well as non-fiction and murder mysteries."

(m)Öthêr Třñgué
located on Salt Spring Island, B.C., "Specializing in beautiful chapbooks of poetry & prose, broadsides & book art. Limited & Signed Editions. Large Letterpress printing studio. Custom die-cuts, lino cuts, debossing." site contains online catalogue, and order form to send in, and a picture displaying some sexy presses.


Napoleon Publishing
Napoleon publishes five mystery series under the RendezVous Crime imprint and is also a publisher of children's and picture books.

Nelson Canada
"ITP Nelson is the largest Canadian owned educational publisher. For over 80 years, we have been developing learning materials and multimedia resources for educational, business, consumer and government markets." contains catalogue and ordering info.

New Society Publishers
"Publishes trade non-fiction specializing in accountable economics, ecological design and planning, environmental justice, resistance and community, sustainable living, the feminist transformation, progressive leadership, and educational and parenting resources." view titles, authors, or order books.

NeWest Press
"Publishes literature and non-fiction from western Canada encouraging the publication of books on the history and social concerns of western Canadians as well as play anthologies, first novels and short storycollections by regional writers."

New Star Books Ltd.
Publishes general trade, with particular emphasis on politics and social issues, history, women's issues, labour history, left-wing studies and fiction.

Nuage Editions
"A literary press publishing fiction, non-fiction, drama and occasionally poetry and children's literature."


Oasis Press Canadian Childrens Books
"This site offers childrens books by Canadian author Allen Morgan and features many free on-line stories and illustrations."

Oolichan Books
"Publishes poetry, fiction, regional history, biography, children's literature and books on Canadian public policy, First Nations, Québec and NAFTA issues" site includes backlist, catalogue, submission guidelines, and ordering info.

Orca Book Publishers
"publishes and distributes quality books for children and adults. We provide distribution services for several Canadian publishers to the US market and for several American publishers to the Canadian market." reviews, submission guidelines, ordering info, online catalogue, and links.


Penguin Books Canada
publish about 80 canadian titles/year. site highlights new titles, a book search, author forum, and catalogue.

Penumbra Press (no site yet)
"Publishes poetry series, art books, black and white children's books and books concerned with Northern and First Nations issues."

Playwrights Canada Press
catalogue and online ordering. links to Playwrights Union of Canada.

Polestar Book Publishers

The Porcupine's Quill Inc.
"The goal of the press is to become, in the words of senior editor John Metcalf, the "best damned literary press in the country." Our writers include both exciting newcomers to the literary scene and skilled veterans producing their most mature works." site contains info on authors, titles, events, their catalogue, and lots of related info.

Pottersfield Press (no site yet)
"Publishes books of regional interest and books about the sea, science fiction, literary titles, biography and popular history. "

Prentice Hall Canada
publishing in canada since 1960, they put out about 100 titles per year "on a wide range of topics, from economics to the Internet." catalogue and ordering info online.

Les Presses de l'Université du Québec

Press Gang Publishers
"Founded in 1975, we take pride in the diversity of our books ranging from women's history to sexual politics, psychiatry to sexual and ritual abuse, censorship to lesbian erotica, women and the law to union organizing and unlearning racism." contains a listing of old and new titles, authors, ordering info, as well as weekly audio clips of authors reading.


Quarry Press (no site yet)


Raincoast Books

Ragweed Press/gynergy books (no site yet)
"Ragweed Press publishes picture books and young adult novels, adult fiction, non-fiction and poetry. gynergy books publishes feminist/lesbian fiction and non-fiction."

Ronsdale Press
publishes fiction, poetry, regional history, biography and autobiography, books of ideas about Canada, as well as the occasional children's book. site highlights upcoming events, their catalogue, submission info, and ordering.

Red Deer College Press (SITE???)


Sister Vision Press (no site yet)
"A Canadian feminist publisher of fiction, poetry, and theoretical works and plays by women of different racial heritages living in Canada."

Somerville House Publishing

Sono Nis Press

Stage Hand Publishers


"Talonbooks Ltd., founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1967, publishes authors of international stature, writing in the literary genres of poetry, fiction and drama, as well as non-fiction books in the fields of ethnography and environmental and social issues." view a list of their publications, with info given for each title.

Tesseracts Books

Theytus Books Ltd.
"Publishes adult and children's novels with emphasis on First Nations themes; First Nations history, culture, politics and education. "

Thistledown Press Ltd. (no site yet)
"Publishes Canadian poetry, fiction and non-fiction for adults, young adults and children."

Trout Lily Press

TSAR Publications
"Publishes "new Canadian literature", especially works by black, Asian and feminist writers and works with an "international flavour" and books from abroad." view their catalogue, online poetry, or their Toronto Review magazine.

Turnstone Press
Publishes literary fiction, poetry, anthologies, criticism and non-fiction. Also home to their new imprint Ravenstone, focussing on mystery, noir, gothic, and speculative fiction. this site has catalogue and submission info, as well as online ordering.


Underwhich Editions
"Underwhich publishes books, chapbooks, handmade editions, and unusual formats, including audiocassettes and compact discs of innovative sound art. Publications are released as Editions, Audiographics, or Hag Papers. Underwhich also distributes hard-to-get items from other small publishers in standard and unusual formats, through our underlines and undertones list. Underwhich Editions is a truly unique enterprise operated by two dedicated literary practitioners, with occasional participation by a third."

University of Alberta Press

University of British Columbia Press

University of Ottawa Press/ Les Publications de l'Université d'Ottawa

University of Toronto Press Inc. and Bookstores Home Page


Véhicule Press
"Since 1973, Montreal's Véhicule Press has published the best of Canadian and Quebec literature--fiction, poetry, essays, translations, and social history." online author info, read online chapbooks.


Wilfred Laurier University Press
"WLU Press was founded in 1974 and has since established a reputation as an excellent scholarly publishing house in the areas of history, philosophy, literature, sociology, life writing, social work, native studies, women studies, religious studies and fine art."

Wolsak & Wynn Publishers Ltd.
publishes single-author poetry books on all subjects and in any style.

Women's Press (no site yet)

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