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Maggie Helwig

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Recent Work
"This is some of my recent work, posted here for general interest. Contents will change regularly. These should not be regarded as the final and definitive versions of any poems, essays or stories. I may revise them at any time. Have fun."
sample of Because the Gunman
sample of Graffiti for JJ Harper
CRASH - a litzine
edited by Maggie Helwig and M Erskine
Scream 96: Maggie Helwig
picture and short bio
The City on Wednesday
a poem appearing in the online Angel Exhaust poetry magazine (UK)
reviews of x-files episodes
essays on x-files episodes
STANZAS magazine
from above/ground press, "dedicated to the long poem/sequence, previous issues featuring Maggie Helwig..." ordering info available here.
Peace News: Indonesia- challenging Suharto
an online article in the Peace News
The Body As Battleground in Indonesia
online essay from dickshovel
Ousting Suharto
online article from Peace Magazine

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