europa synthesizer

The europa looks back to the famous poly-synths of the 80s, while bringing those amazing sounds into the present with better player control and, of course, tuning stability (not to mention less weight!).

Classic "Jupiter" and "Juno" sounds were specifically what the europa was created to emulate, but it grew into a synth capable of much more, sonically. The 130 onboard presets should give you a good indication of what the europa is capable of and how it functions. Here are a few additional tips to help you get the most out of the europa:

1) Where possible, the europa employs potis, instead of on/off switches, to modulate signals allowing better control over features like oscillator mixing and modulation parameters.

2) The control parameters featured on the europa include:

- Unison, featuring flexible voice control (all voices/off/1-16); in the "all" position any selected polyphony for the europa will be monophonically stacked on a single voice, allowing the "Unison Spread" parameter to move the stacked frequencies away from each other, creating a very "fat" and distinctively "unison" sound; the "Off" position is self-explanatory (Unison Spread has no effect); Unison voices 2-16 allows the user to select, apart from the polyphony value, which voices get stacked, ie: if you have the europa's polyphony set to "4 voices" and the "Unison Voices" set to "2", you could play a two-note chord with each note having a unison stacked voice on it... very very fat when you increase the "Unison Spread". Unison voice setting “1” has no noticable effect.

- Restart Mode: Values are shutdown restart (envelopes are zeroed before being retriggered) and running restart ("Moog mode": envelopes are retriggered without being zeroed). This will appeal to those users who want a classic “Moog” feel for their note triggering.

- Legato Mode (Polyphonic): When a key is played and an unassigned voice is available for it, the voice is assigned and started normally (including envelope retriggering).

When a key is played and no unassigned voice is available for it, a voice is stolen from a key which is still being held. This voice is reassigned via a simple pitch update, without retriggering the envelopes.

When a key to which a voice is assigned is released, and one or more other keys whose voices have been stolen are still being held, the voice belonging to the just-released key is reassigned to one of the "voiceless" keys - likewise via a simple pitch update without envelope retriggering.

When a key to which a voice is assigned is released and there are no other keys being held which do not have voices assigned to them, the voice goes into normal release (and becomes "unassigned" for legato purposes).

When polyphony is set to 1, or when the module is set into mono mode via the Unison function, legato works the same way it did in the original MVCs.

Since there is a separate Legato Control pad, it is possible to activate legato without activating portamento/ glissando. In this case, when a voice is reassigned to a different note, the pitch jumps instantly to its new value.

- Portamento & Glissando Select/ Mode/ Time: Each voice simply glides to its new pitch from whatever pitch it had before (even functions polyphonically).

- Low Note Priority Switch: Only notes lower than the currently triggered note will be allowed to be triggered. This was a popular control mode switch on many vintage analogue synths.

- Poly Level: Non-modulatable volume control, used to prevent "clipping" when polyphony is increased, in regular or "Unison" modes

- Panning is controlled by the LFO, all other "Pan-Mod" sources (Free Env/ Velocity/ Aftertouch) affect the gain of the LFO output to the Pan position

- Free Env/ LFO: Each has two pages, one for Direct Controls and another for the Send Destinations; "MIDI Clock" switch will disable the LFO "Frequency" knob and send clock info instead

- ModWheel Control is independent from the "LFO"

- Pitch Follow parameters will now send glide info to the filter cutoffs (great for squelchy, elastic sounds)