poem from the desk of gwendolyn guth
two poems from "variations: plunder verse," Stylus Poetry Journal AUS
poems, Moria, A Poetry Journal

poems from variations: plunder verse (book 3 of the other side of the mouth) , Jacket

3 poems from "a day book"

from "generations"

four poems, Flatlands

poems, Softbolw

from solids, or, strike-out (a suite), Argotist Online (UK)

shrapnel, Alterran Poetry Assemblage (Toronto)

poems, Malleable Jungle

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three poems - nocturne; after aunt carol annes wake; sixteen strings, Stride Magazine, UK

credo, Cordite Press

two poems

untitled poem, pettycoat relaxer five

the true eventual story of buffalo bill, xpress(ed), Finland

from paisley, shampoo #18

the first steps back from now, Gumball Poetry

heartbroken sky & graceless singers, Gumball Poetry

three poems, Znine, Texas

poem beginning with a line from laurie fuhr, & ending with a line from denise levertov, papertiger media

"january variant" from greenboathouse 

bad abstract painting, from bywords.ca

five or more poems audio, from stonestone

two poems, Milk 

underwater, from Ploughshares

coda: her body to lean toward an absence, from Ploughshares 

a little white li(n)e, an e-chapbook, from The Drunken Boat (Texas)

two poems, The Communicator (National Capital Freenet)

from "monopoly/antiques", Jacket #18

C.D. Wright's lost road, from Shampoo #13 

(composed in the midst of action) from Shampoo #11

George Elliott Clarke's song, from Another Toronto Quarterly

You, from The Writing Space Journal

5 poems (from stonestone)

totem & ritual from The Writing Space

letter(s) to derek, from "harvest: a book of signifiers"

four poems, from "voice-over" (The Drunken Boat, Texas)

lenins bones from Another Toronto Quarterly

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two poems, greenboathouse press

love at the end of the century (after rhonda from The Danforth Review

the philosphy of composition from Crash #9