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e-list available for new titles from above/ground press, housepress, greenboathouse, various calls for submissions, etc.




above/ground press chapbook subscriptions - starting January 1st, $30 per calendar year for STANZAS, chapbooks, asides + broadsheets. (in Canada, $30 Can, outside, $30 US) Current & forthcoming publications by Artie Gold, Julia Williams, rob mclennan, Daniel f. Bradley, donato mancini, kath macLean, Andy Weaver, Barry McKinnon, Meredith Quartermain, Larry Sawyer, Rob Budde & others.


(trades with other chapbook presses welcome. inquire!)


Payable to rob mclennan, c/o 858 Somerset Street West, Ottawa Ontario Canada K1R 6r7. catalog online at


also, recent & forthcoming broadsheets by Artie Gold, Steven Heighton, rob mclennan, Meredith Quartermain, meghan jackson, George Bowering, Lisa Samuels, Suzanne Zelazo, Max Middle, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Claudia Lapp, etc. if you send an s.a.s.e. (#10 envelope) i can mail any four (or a random selection). if you send larger, i can send more.

Submission Guidelines

above/ground press does read unsolicited poetry manuscripts, but DOES NOT TAKE ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS. send on paper, with s.a.s.e., either using IRC or Canadian stamps (if you want it back, if rejected), or include email address. otherwise, i will not respond.


STANZAS: up to 30 pages of long poems/sequences. print run is 750 copies, & pays in copies, abt 40. appears at random. 


POETRY CHAPBOOKS: up to 30 pages of poetry, with a title. print runs between 200 & 300 copies, & pays in copies, between 50 & 75. 


interested in seeing "experimental" (so-called), & visual/concrete as well as other types. see backlist for a list of other authors, to see what kinds of work each series publishes. include patience. takes weeks, months to read. 


above/ground press does not often comment on rejected works, but will probably include publications if the s.a.s.e. is large enough. 


send to: rob mclennan, c/o above/ground press, rr#1 maxville, ontario canada k0c 1t0. 

please note - American stamps dont work in Canada. (you have no idea how many i get)