geometry creates

a mathematical truth


engenders something

tho i cant tell what


goes the width

of blue bathrobe


or towel around,

thru the bedroom door


this is a dark,

& blankets wave


a beach, like soothing

ocean noise


washing up warm

on exposed skin




elegy 7


how thin cleft of autumn moon


shapes the earth, open


parenthesis (





another moonlight

            (for don mckay




where is the moon

that was here before, we only

                went inside

for a little while.


cornwall retro

& cornwall are the

                same thing. nothing

changes. the moon



rises, wanes, & pulls

a curtain. solid moves

                to gas. glengarry still

the last ontario county

to get phone service.


from your cabin, there is


the moon. it reflects

                your children,


trying to get thru.





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