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canadian ezines

canada-based electronic publications with a broad focus
(if you want strictly literary stuff try our lit journals section)

"Imagining tomorrow today" is their mandate. site contains information related to atopia, anarchy, and dissent. links to many related texts.
Balance Magazine
"The Inclusive Vision of Gender Equality." this is an intelligent zine about words, and that's refreshing after a lot of void-of-content zines out there.
Broken Pencil
"The Guide to Alternative Culture in Canada." they put out a print version and an online version, although i'm not certain how much time they have for the online version. you can expect to find reviews of zines of all kinds from across canada as well as online excerpts from zines, articles and fiction. also there is news of related, upcoming events and such in canada.
monthly, online arts and entertainment information for Prince Edward Island.
canadian content
"a forum of thoughts and rants on what canada is (or isn't) from the inside and out." a monthly helping of articles, reviews, poetry/prose, cartoons, and more. back issues online. encourages submissions.
"The webzine of communications issues." staffed by Simon Fraser University communications students. intelligently written. now defunct, but worth reading.
Cygnals Zine
some back issues online. appears he's stopped putting them up, instead trying to only sell current issues.
Danforth Review
"an international online magazine of fiction, reviews, interviews, opinion and other important stuff.." all online. put out of Toronto.
Dash It!
zine of social contemplation. this is the online version.
"a Toronto based Alternative Music Magazine published monthly." online content.
a canadian daily focusing on alternative media sources. put out by the Communication Studies Department, University of Windsor.
Forget Magazine
vancouver based lit zine that focuses on poetry, fiction, reporting, and essays. "what we are really after in this publication is the publishing of material that is ignored in the mainstream press and the even the independent news. Anything that has reason and passion. And more stuff that is Canadian than not."
futile zine
not so much a zine as a novel in progress. appears to still be going, with back chapters available online.
The Garlic Press
saskatoon based "underground paper zine of hardcore, punk, industrial, indie rawk, ska, noise etc. etc. Contents include interviews, reviews, comix and art." only table of contents of past issues are available online. published seasonally.
mostly about music. appears to be another abandonded project, floating forever in stasis online.
"the zine about going places you're not supposed to go" essays and photos of urban exploration- intriguing idea, good writing.
twice weekly "free newsletter ezine for writers, sent via email. It has over 45,000 subscribers. Back issues can be found at the website, Inkspot. Free subscriptions can be set up via the website, too. Full directions and assistance is given via the website."
journal of social and political thought from the Graduate Programme at York University. a variety of topics and issues.
Littoral West
"Fiction, Friction and Depiction, need I say more?" they say.
Made in Canada
they're back with content that looks to be mostly music related (still in progress).
MapleLeaf Forum
"targets the interests of the Canadian hockey fan, and while hockey writing is the primary focus, this ezine welcomes articles in the genre of Canadian sports writing."
Vancouver based: "an online magazine devoted to creative art form from around the world. Presenting reviews, articles, images and music samples to inform and educate readers. "
Otaku eZine
"living through music and technology". after a long hiatus otaku ezine is back.
Le Quebecois Libre
"Un regard libertarien sur l'actualité québécoise et nord-américaine"
The Sideroad
"columns by published authors, industry experts, talented journalists, and a select few newcomers on a variety of topics under the following sub-headings: Business, Leisure, Life, and Internet." currently on hold.
The Smiling Fish and eye
"The Smiling Fish and eye is a site designed to showcase Canadian writers. Our idea is to get as many pieces of writing done by 'real' people out for the world to read."
Your Daily Steam
"is a continuing series of almost-daily [occassional] fables written by James Spyker. If you like them feel free to forward them around. Send me your e-mail address to receive a free subscription":
Your Own Worst Enemy
put online by Cygnals (see above) folks. online content.

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