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R. Ross Annett Award for Children's Literature

This award was established 1982, and is presented annually for excellence in writing by Alberta writers for children. It is named after Alberta writer R.Ross Annett. There was a change in the dating of the award in 1993-94, which caused a gap. It is administered by the Writers Guild of Alberta

1999: ,
1998: Hazel Hutchins, The Prince of Tarn
1997: Don Trembath, Tuesday Cafe
1996: Tololwa Mollel, Big Boy
1995: Beth Goobie, Mission Impossible
1994: David Bly, The McIntyre Liar
1992: Monica Hughes, The Crystal Drop
1991: Hazel Hutchins, A Cat of Artimus Pride
1990: Jan Hudson, Dawn Rider
1989: Don Meredith, Dog Runner
1988: William Pasnak, Under the Eagle's Claw
1987: Marilyn Halvorson, Nobody Said it would be Easy
1986: Monica Hughes, Blaine's Way
1985: Cora Taylor, Julie
1984: William Pasnak, In the City of the King
1983: Monica Hughes, Space Trap
1982: Monica Hughes, Hunter in the Dark

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