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Marilyn Helmer



Marilyn Helmer was born in St. John's, Newfoundland and grew up in Montreal, Quebec. She has lived in Burlington, Ontario for the past twenty-five years with her husband and two children.

Of Marilyn's many interests, the two which have had the most significant influence on her life are reading and collecting. Her love of books began in early childhood with the bedtime stories her parents read to her. Both parents were collectors and Marilyn followed suit. Be it stamps, coins, trading cards, buttons or sea shells, if it can be collected, Marilyn has likely collected it at one time or another.

These two interests eventually came together to launch Marilyn's writing career. As a teenager she began collecting old souvenir spoons and post cards. Curiosity about their origins and the events and people they commemorate prompted her to do some research. Years later, her first published writing was a series of articles on antiques.

When Marilyn's children were born, it was natural for her to share her love of books with them. To her delight, they enjoyed being read to as much as she enjoyed reading to them. Marilyn rediscovered old friends she hadn't read in years and her children introduced her to new ones. And she discovered something else - she wanted to be a writer and she wanted to write for children.

Since then Marilyn's articles, short stories and poems have been published in numerous children's magazines and anthologies in Canada and the United States. Her penchant for entering contests led her to trying her hand at adult fiction.

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"Once-Upon-A-Time" is a series of ten books of retold fairy tales, each book containing three theme-related tales. The books are being published two a year beginning fall, 2000 by Kids Can Press. The first five books in the series are:

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