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Nicole Brossard

1943 -

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Scream 95: Nicole Brossard
short bio and photo
fertile figments
words appearing in the online soil issue of xxx fruit
Firewords: Louky Bersianik, Jovette Marchessault, Nicole Brossard
from the NFB:
"Firewords offers an intimate glimpse of three respected yet controversial Québec writers. Now recognized at home and abroad, Louky Bersianik, Jovette Marchessault and Nicole Brossard have contributed greatly to the creation of a distinctive women's literature. Confirming that fresh approaches to literature are still possible, they have helped to heighten the awareness of the politics of language. Excerpts from their works vividly convey each woman's style, concerns and rhythms. They examine personal and global issues from a feminist perspective: human relationships, work, justice, poverty, loneliness, women's spirituality, and the future." the Les Terribles Vivantes in french. Brossard is in part 3 of this three part series.
photo and short bio from Ottawa International Writer's Festival
Nicole Brossard
photo, bio, list of works on and by her- all in french.
Mauve Desert: A CD-ROM Translation
by Adriene Jenik
la chicliste
Journal Intime suivi de Œuvre de chair et Métonymies de Nicole Brossard - an article.

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