Dan Lukiv The Master Teacher

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The Teacher

Electric heat and humidity

Assault me

This morning

In my classroom,

Both leftover from yesterday's

Coup d'etat of summer.


I reach out to open a window,

But I discover a "fat" bee

Peering through Plexiglas,

Helplessly still,

Watching the world



Its stinger-abdomen

Barely twitches.

Its wings,

Like agate-wafers,


A clump of pollen,

As green as grasshopper-blood,

Sticks to one leg:


I open the window, and

A page flies off my desk.

Armored bits soon

Pulse and twitter.

Wings tremble.

The bee flies away,


Mind you,

But off it goes,

With legs dangling

Like numb tentacles.


I sit at my desk--

Uncluttered at last!--

Peering at my lesson plan:

"Lead destroyed Rome."


But I look away,

Craning my neck

To feel cool air flowing

Across my face from the

Open window.


Yet again I feel cheated.

The children I've taught

Will leave.

You'd think I'd get used to

All this,

This last day,

But I don't,

I haven't.


I search for a travel brochure,

Anything to take me away,

For a few minutes,

Before the kids clamor down the hall

One last time

To say hello and