Dan Lukiv The Master Teacher

Chapter 1: Sunglasses and Education
Chapter 2: You Have Learned to Think
Chapter 3: The Curriculum God
Chapter 4: Hostility Surrounds them like Thunderclouds
Chapter 5: That's when I Gag
Chapter 6: A Plethora of Variables
Chapter 7: How Big is the Universe
Chapter 8: A Walk Down Memory Lane
Chapter 9.1: A Residential School Experience, by Valerie Conrad
Chapter 9.2: Why has this Six-Year Old Aboriginal Girl Left Home
Chapter 10: Aboriginal Education in Quesnel Now, Cultural Genocide in Canada Then
Chapter 11: Motivation from a Humanistic Point of View
Chapter 12: Lukiv's Principles of Instruction
Chapter 13: Burnout
Chapter 14: The Master Teacher
Chapter 15: The Teacher

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Each chapter of this publication has appeared in one or more of canadian content, *spark, Teacher, The Alberta Teachers' Association Magazine, Arnazella (USA), The Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (USA), Children International (England), and Students On The Net (Singapore).

Students On The Net published my weekly educational column, entitled "Lukiv's Corner for Educators," which received official endorsement from Lycos Asia.

Many thanks to Gerry Hogan, who showed me the true spirit of secondary alternate education

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