Dan Lukiv The Master Teacher

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Sometimes quotes in one chapter are also found in one or more other chapters. I hope this occasional repetition doesn't bother anybody.

Some Comments by Readers

[The Master Teacher (collection) is] very insightful and educational for teachers, Brandon Lee Chun Hoong, Students On The Net (Singapore)

Re: "Aboriginal Education in Quesnel Now, Cultural Genocide in Canada Then":

  • "Heartfelt and...powerful," Dr. Gene V Glass, Education Policy Analysis Archives, Arizona State University (USA)
  • "Lukiv's article present[s]...an interesting perspective": Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (USA)
  • "I enjoyed [Lukivís] article", Roberta Sawatzky, Summit Career College, Kelowna

"'A Walk Down Memory Lane' is a good piece," james hörner, canadian content

"The Curriculum God": "[An] excellent article," Christian Petronio, CKNW FM, Vancouver, British Columbia (BC)