Dan Lukiv

Dan Lukiv is a poet, novelist, and short story and article writer. His creative writing has appeared over eleven hundred times in Canada, the USA, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Slovenia, Belgium, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, and Australia. His formal apprenticeship as a writer includes intensive personal direction from masters such as Canada's Professor Robert Harlow, the USA's Paul Bagdon, and England's D. M. Thomas. He and his wife have four girls; two are still at home (Quesnel, BC, Canada). He teaches creative writing at McNaughton Centre and edits a literary journal, CHALLENGER international, which focuses attention on young, up-and-coming Canadian poets, and he also edits a scholarly journal called The Journal of Secondary Alternate Education.

During 2000, he served as a weekly columnist for Students on the Net, an education magazine (online) in Singapore. His column, officially endorsed by Lycos Asia, was called "Lukivís Corner for Educators."

During 2001 and 2002, his educational column called "For Teachers Only" will appear monthly in The English Teachersí Online Network of South Africa.

works by the author:


The Photon Cellar (serialized in The Cariboo Observer, Canada, 1994)

Poems Straight from Quesnel (Quesnel Writers' Group, Canada, 1997)

One Little, Two Little, and so on (Island Scholastic Press, Canada, 1998)

Cariboo-Winter (Island Scholastic Press/Cotton Press, Canada, 1998)

Men and Women (Island Scholastic Press/McNaughton, Canada, 1999)

I Love You (Island Scholastic Press/Kids Are Great Press, Canada, 1999)

Exchange Program (Island Scholastic Press/Rainbow Press, Canada, 1999)

The Germans from Dortmund (y press, Canada, 1999)

One Little, Two Little, and so on II (The Poets' Corner, USA, 1999)

The Wise Man (Writers Brew Press, England, 1999)

The Wise Man (serialized in Over the Edge, Canada, 1999/2000)

The Lead Guitarist (serialized in *spark, Canada, 2000)

At the Home (Poetry Magazine, USA, January 2000)

Skipping Stones (Cotton Press, Canada, 2000)

After the Rain (Borders & Time, USA, 2000)

The Winter Sun (Haiku and Tanka Anthology, Canada, 2000)

Quesnel: Between the two Rivers (Quesnelnews.com, Canada, 2000)

The Ruby of the Universe (serialized in canadian content, Canada, 2000/2001);

Spuds for Jonathan (The Brobdingnagian Times Press, Ireland, 2001)

Robertís Roost (Island Scholastic Press, Canada, 2001)

Haiku for the World (to be serialized in The Lookout Magazine, Canada, 2001/2002)


Our Television is Weird (a children's book on disk), HMS Press, Canada, 1996

Quibils and Quirks (a children's novel), serialized in The Cariboo Observer, Canada, 1997/98/99


Creative Writing for Senior Secondary Students (British Columbia Teacherís Federation, Canada, 1997; a 1998 bestseller).

Communications for the Third Millennium: Part I (Quesnel School District, Canada, 1998)

Communications for the Third Millennium: Part II (Quesnel School District, Canada, 1998)

"The Master Teacher," presented as a workshop for teachers and youth care workers, McNaughton Centre, Canada, 2000

Composition: The Nuts and Bolts of Style--and a Few Other Things (Quesnel School District, Canada, 2000)

The Master Teacher: A Collection [online] (y press, Canada, 2001)

The Master Teacher: A Collection [print-version] (British Columbia Teacherís Federation, Canada, 2001)