Corpus Callosum

One to one,

A moonrise,
A to z,
A Van Gogh-sunflower,
A wart,
A face,
Mr. Spock's ears,
Azimov's foundation,
If x, then y,
If x, then then,
5 + 2,
Horton hates a Who,
Chart a flow,
Paint love orange,
Stay on the line,
Ever see a man with
no eyebrows?,
Red light: stop,
Red light: Jim Morrison,
I before e,
Milkwood tea,
Compound words,
The woman is a pig,
Run through the gears,
Van Gogh-self-portraits,
A thousand words spoken,
A Mona Lisa-silence,
How to fix a plugged toilet,
What is gravity like?,
A brain is an organ,

The green is the right

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