daniel lanois and language use

daniel lanois has been getting a lot of press recently due to his new album and touring dates. the interviews have been kind of strange, however. one in the georgia straight was ok, but left me thinking lanois was a bit arrogant. whether or not this is the case is another matter.

the interview in the vancouver sun with kerry gold was very peculiar. i get the impression that she’s pleased to have gotten her fingers bitten by lanois. makes good copy. the article begins well enough, with gold praising lanois and outlining his career. at one point lanois makes a comment about being “drawn to greatness”. the reporter seems to think this means that lanois is a whore who will work for the most popular star of the moment. the interview goes all wrong.

from the way lanois was talking earlier in the interview it seems he was referring to being attracted to working with people like brian eno, who he cannot praise enough. in other words, lanois is “drawn to great musicians with great ideas” not “drawn to the bag of cash”.

gold suggests that lanois turned sour after lanois accused her of being part of the evil corporate radio machine (she works in print).

it looks like these two kids completely misunderstood each other on several points. feathers ruffled. guns were drawn. what could have been a solid interview gets flushed. lanois looks like an asshole. gold looks like she got the scoop. the reader isn’t impressed.

lesson learned: phone interviews are a dangerous sport. so are in-person and email interviews, but that’s another story.