our brief eternity

attended a performance of ‘Our Brief Eternity’ by the Holy Body Tattoo group in vancouver the other day. it was written in 1996, and does betray its age. some of the movement by the group is stunning. the repetition of daily actions and struggles becomes a blur until the final spasms of closure.

the text, projected onto a screen behind the performers, was a drifting poem. like the stuff you expect to read in ctheory. postmodern stuff about time and flesh and being. nothing terribly profound, but still entertaining.

the soundtrack to this piece sounds like Trent Reznor doing a Merzbow impersonation. which is to say it was very loud and intense, full of repetitive, mechanical noise. quite nice, but my ears rang for twenty minutes afterward. i almost feel sorry for the performers.

the most incredible part was how the three performers lashed their heads around. can we say neck injury and massive brain cell loss? what some people do for art.

i’d certainly like to see their more recent stuff.