2001: a space odyssey

tonight i watched 2001: a space odyssey for the first time since i was 8 or 9 years old. i’ve always remembered the film fondly, knowing the impact it has had on me in all sorts of ways. it is the first non-cartoon film i remember clearly. while watching it tonight i could anticipate the scenes coming up, the small details, kubrick’s beauty having burnt itself into my head. the way these things can affect us is astounding.

i don’t recall the ligeti pieces in the score specifically, though i recall my young ears being amazed at the sound of the film. at the time ligeti was not any kind of ‘music’ as i recognized it, but rather incredible and haunting soundscape.

this evening brought me back to a heady few hours of my youth – bringing back the first time i remember feeling completely cooked by cinema.

a few other important film experiences were when i saw a clockwork orange in grade 10, and the shining around the same time, or perhaps a year earlier. i didn’t realize until some time later that these all came from the same director. this explains why i have such reverence for kubrick.

there are few things i value more than personal landmark experiences in film and music. looking back at some of my other favourite filmmakers (tarkovsky!), i can see how my tastes were formed. thanks, stanley.