stereolab. les bons bons des raisons.

saw Stereolab last thursday, whatever date that was, at the Commodore.
summary: lots of shoe-gazing, mod youth, bopping heads in time.

summary of the performance: shoe-gazing, head-bopping tunes. the lead singer plays trombone, moog, and sings. quite a stunning performer. if only i could have heard her over the drums.

they played some classics (the remixed stuff from Emperor Tomato Ketchup kicked ass), a bunch from Cobra, among others.

whatever way you slice it, Stereolab spells f-u-n. if i could have heard the singing better, it would have been sublime.

ok, they did seem to be lacking a certain oomph, but i write that off to the fact that some of their shit must be difficult to emulate live.

it is great to see bands – at least i had the next day off. methinks i’m getting too old for this.

this is illustrated by the fact it is halloween and i have long since retired from any kind of seasonal activity. sigh.