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tunnel to north van [07/22/04]
Couple at Ceprano sculptures [09/01/03]
Girl wading by Ceprano sculptures [09/01/03]
Ceprano sculptures [09/01/03]
Pylon Art I [09/01/03]
Pylon Art II [09/01/03]
Pylon Art III [09/01/03]
Canada, My Sink, Canada [07/01/03]
Pink flowers, Rideau Hall, Ottawa [07/01/03]
Berzerker, Bank Street, Ottawa [07/01/03]
Bee on flower, Ottawa [07/01/03]
Tulips, the Glebe, Ottawa [06/04/03]
Daffodils, the Glebe, Ottawa [06/04/03]
Green buds outside the Saudi embassy, Ottawa [06/04/03]
Crocus, Experimental Farm, Ottawa [06/04/03]
Camellias, Experimental Farm, Ottawa [06/04/03]
'Stephen Harper is as bloodthirsty as Bush the warmonger', Parliament Hill [04/01/03]
Flag burning at the US embassy, Ottawa, Ontario [04/01/03]
Protester chalking wall, Ottawa, Ontario [04/01/03]
War memorial with peace sign, Ottawa, Ontario [04/01/03]
'All the arms we need', Parliament Hill [04/01/03]
Protesters with flags, Byward Market, Ottawa, Ontario [03/14/03]
Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddhas, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada [01/13/03]
Lighting Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada [01/10/03]
Iced tree, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada [01/10/03]
Frozen logs, Round Lake, Ontario [01/10/03]
Parkway Motel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada [01/08/03]
Wind chime, Canadian Dairy Sheep Farm, Indian River, Ontario [01/08/03]
Cocktail umbrellas, women's washroom, Panorama Restaurant, Rockland, Ontario, New Year's Eve [01/05/03]
Leonardo's flying machine [10/23/02]
vag from an alley [10/22/02]

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