Welcome to the online home of this new small press!!!  The first publication is a chapbook of poems by well known poet rob mclennan.

Title : voice-over 1.0&1.5.  Cost $7.00 CDN (US/International $7 USD).  Made in an edition of 100 hand-bound and numbered copies. Check the new items link for cover art and more info.

What I am trying to do here:


Who: Me, myself and I, with help from some friends.

What: Camenae, Latin, loosely based on the collective Muses of poetry.  Logo coming soon.

Where: At my desk, where ever I can find the space.

When: Every few months, or when the mood strikes.

Why: Because I just don't have enough to do.


Camenae Press began as a small idea, and grew quickly with encouragement from rob mclennan, who just happens to be the author of the inaugural publication.  Camenae should be putting out about 6 publications a year EVENTUALLY (I hope).  Maybe 2 or 3 this year depending on the submissions I get.  I am striving to produce interesting people who are living the life and making it happen.   That's what this is all about.  I don't write myself, but I can appreciate the amount of work and dedication that goes into the life of someone in the business of writing.

All the books will be hand-made, hand-bound, and hand-numbered.  Should be interesting.  I have always liked paper, and the texture, so this gives me a great opportunity to work with it in new and interesting ways.  And it doesn't hurt that I get a discount on it!!!