Submission Guidelines:


Submissions should be long enough for a good length chapbook: 15 - 20 pieces that work together or in sections.  Items that have appeared elsewhere should be listed as such.  I hope to produce 6 publications per year eventually.  2-3 this year, or how submissions go.  Keep that in mind when submitting.


Send along a self-addressed stamped envelope for mail submissions - either for Canadian or US return.  Send electronic copy by disk to address below, or by email attachment.  All submission/submissions queries can be sent to: Jennifer Mulligan

Ordering information:


All chapbooks will be made in a first edition of 100 copies.  This means that some titles may go out of print quickly.  When the release goes out, order soon to get a copy.


Cost for each will be listed in both CDN $ (for Canada) and USD $ (for US and International).  Cheques can be made out to Jennifer Mulligan.  Email queries can be sent to: Jennifer Mulligan

Mail contact:



355 Slater Street

P.O. Box 56113

Ottawa, ON

K2L 1N6